Hypnosis for anxiety


For some, anxiety has no apparent cause, whilst for some, very real worries and concerns about factors such as work or finances are clearly the cause.

Difficulties arise when anxiety prevents normal function by interfering with sleep for example, or by causing inattention at work which is noticeable to an employer. This session looks at tools both immediate and longer term, that can help to reduce and relieve anxiety.

During this session in the Landscape, we start off by walking at the side of the lake alongside the wildflower meadows. We’ll be enjoying the sights and sounds of the lake and the meadows in summer, We’ll the carry on past the summer house on the right and make our way to down to the beach, which is very attractive in summer. You’ll experience full stereo sound effects recorded in digital CD quality, including ambient sounds, the sounds of summer by the lake, birdsong, and the sounds of the beach and the sea

Whilst we are preparing and recording our new series of 3-session treatment modules, we have decided to release the most popular of our original single session recordings free! Please feel free to download any of our recordings, and we hope you will return to explore our new products.