Healthy eating hypnosis


It's not easy to change to a healthy diet. It's almost certainly going to mean a bit more work, and a change in shopping habits. It may be difficult due to work hours and commitments.

Healthy eating is an essential part of daily life, whether we are aiming for weight reduction, or for general health. Many 'artificial' diets offer unnatural ways of losing weight and are not healthy. The ability to lose weight quickly is attractive, but the underlying dietary habits commonly return to unhealthy ones when some weight has been lost (or the supplements or fees prove too expensive to buy every day).

This hypnosis session is designed to help you enjoy a move to a healthier diet, and develop and appreciation of healthy foods in preference to unhealthy foods. It also considers portion sizes and meal management.

During this session in the Landscape, we’re going to start off by walking at the side of the lake alongside the wildflower meadows. We’ll be enjoying the sights and sounds of the lake and the meadows in summer, We’ll the carry on past the summer house on the right and make our way to the kitchen garden, which is very attractive at the height of summer. By reinforcing the benefits, taste and attraction of healthy natural foods in hypnosis, your subconscious can begin asupporting a move towards change.

Healthy eating hypnosis can be used as a combined package with our weight loss session. There is also a download for exercise motivation available.

You’ll experience full stereo sound effects recorded in digital CD quality, including ambient sounds, the sounds of summer by the lake and birdsong.

Whilst we are preparing and recording our new series of 3-session treatment modules, we have decided to release the most popular of our original single session recordings free! Please feel free to download any of our recordings, and we hope you will return to explore our new products.