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What is Landscape Hypnosis?

The Landscape is a virtual landscape within which all our hypnosis sessions are set.

This virtual landscape replaces the old-fashioned, tedious and repetitive visualisations involving steps, escalators, elevators, etc whic are commonly used.

The use of the landscape enables particular locations (e.g. a mountan top or a temple) to be used to enhance and reinforce more effectively to treatment. One example might be use of the observatory to forward in time during future rehearsal.

Adding in real sound effects such as those found in nature, enahnces the reality even more. In some cases full environmental sound effects are used, for example in 'Fear of Flying' in which complete and realistic sounds of a passenger flight enhance the desensitization.

With Landscape hypnosis the imagery,sound effects, and background music are all these things and more. With the realism of a rich and engaging landscape, described in a way that allows personal interpretation, together with authentic sound effects and music, will enable you to enjoy a rich, consistent, and flowing experience from one session of hypnosis to the next.

From mountain paths to a bluebell wood; in temples, summer houses and even an Island palace, enjoy the integrated Landscape today!

There is a simple diagramatic map of the landscape with every download, so as to provide an initial overview.

You'll also find pictures here reflecting our our thoughts about the various locations used.
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