What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis downloads can be an effective method of treatment for a wide variety of problems. However, most properly qualified practitioners of hypnosis agree that, used in isolation, hypnosis is not ‘therapy.’ An analogy would be the use of anaesthesia before an operation. The anaesthetic given is not the treatment. It is the combination of anaesthesia and surgery which is effective. Hence the application of hypnosis in itself is not therapeutic; it is the application of hypnosis coupled with appropriately crafted suggestions encased in a therapeutic framework which can be considered treatment.

The plethora of ‘hypnotherapists’ today who hold a valueless ‘diploma’ from an unrecognised teaching ‘College’ (the so-called diploma mills), is a disgrace which should be the subject of government legislation in the U.K. and the U.S. I have seen many cases of delay in diagnosis myself in Practice which have arisen from the amateurish use of hypnosis on an unwitting client. One Gentleman was treated with ‘hypnotherapy’ costing over £600 for impotence had a tumour of the pituitary fossa, diagnosed initially with a simple blood test. A Lady spent only a little less on treatment for symptoms of anxiety and panic over 8 months, only to discover she had an overactive thyroid.

Two thoughts follow from this:

Firstly: There is no such thing as ‘hypnotherapy’ any more that there is ‘anaesthetic therapy,’ and attendance on a weekend course in ‘hypnotherapy’ (or even worse, using a correspondence course), no more qualifies a person to treat psychological problems than training in anaesthetics qualifies an anaesthetist to perform surgery.

Secondly: Any treatment utilising hypnosis is only as effective as the actual accompanying treatment. If an effectively unqualified ‘hypnotherapist’ tries to treat you, it is no different than letting me hypnotise you, and then asking a passer-by in the street to actually treat you. Having said this, hypnosis downloads, appropriately crafted and produced by skilled professionals, can be extremely effective in the treatment of a wide range of problems

In summary, (and perhaps the most critical sentence in this short article), – Hypnotising someone and telling them that they no longer suffer from the problem with which they presented, does not make it so. When assessing hypnosis downloads I find that commonly the person clumsily attempts to induce a hypnotic state, and then repeats something along the lines of – ‘from this day forward, you will no longer suffer from ~ (they insert name of any problem here!). – This is normally intoned in a voice with ridiculous amounts of applied echo and irrelevant sound effects (frequently rather worrying swirling/whooshing background music) – to imply a ‘mysterious’ part of the treatment, and add credence to their product.

The fact that these kinds of suggestions may mask the problem for any time, does not indicate that there is likely to be any long-term benefit, and, indeed, over time, the supressed problems are very likely to manifest themselves in some other form, perhaps with sleep or weight problems, for example.

Hypnosis downloads can be a convenient, safe, successful and affordable treatment model for many conditions, though I would only ask that you to ensure that the hypnosis downloads that you are using are the best, and that they have been made by an appropriately skilled and qualified expert.
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