Using hypnosis downloads

Self-hypnosis downloads are completely safe to use with a few common-sense safeguards.

All our hypnosis downloads carry a short safety introduction covering the important points, most of which are really obvious!

We’ve summarised here the safety points together with some suggestions to help you enjoy your download to the full.
General points for Self-hypnosis downloads

Try to set aside a regular time to do your self-hypnosis each day.
Experiment with the way you go into self-hypnosis and use whichever suits you best.
Notice the physical sensations of going into hypnosis and encourage these.
You can bring yourself out of hypnosis with or without a formal statement.
You will immediately come out of hypnosis self-hypnosisould any emergency arise.
Practice using ‘anchors’ to bring back feelings of mental and physical calmness.
Practice using prepared self-statements along with rapid hypnosis techniques.

Precautions when doing self-hypnosis:

Don’t teach others self-hypnosis unless you are trained to do so.
Never use self-hypnosis as a form of entertainment.
Never use a self-hypnosis tape in a car.
Don’t leave food cooking whilst doing self-hypnosis
Don’t do self-hypnosis when looking after young children
Do set a timer if you have an important appointment

Suggestions for ‘self exploration.’
In your ‘special place’ (see separate post), you can:

Experience themselves in the future, having overcome their problem, doing the things they want to do, feeling good about themselves.
Re-experience past accompliself-hypnosisments and bring the associated good feelings into the present. I remind clients that this is useful at times of self-doubt
Let their mind wander and trust their unconscious to come up with a self-statement or word that may be useful to hear. In my experience clients nearly always have a word or statement come to mind! This can be experienced quite profoundly at times
Repeat helpful ‘self-talk’ to break the cycle of negative automatic thoughts that maintain problems.
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