The special place

The special place in hypnosis, (also called the safe place or the relaxing place), is a useful tool for hypnosis and can be used by people in stress management, anxiety management, and self-hypnosis. The ‘relaxing place’ can be a real or imagined place. Beaches and gardens are often desired.

The more details that can be brought to kind, the better and more fulfilling the special place will become. By thinking in terms of vision, smell, touch, hearing (and even taste) you may discover that you are more suited to certain kinds of experience. For example, you may be able to vividly hear the sea (should your special place be a beach) but find it difficult to visualise the feeling on you face of the sea breeze. All the information you obtain can be used to enhance the hypnotic experience. In our tapes we particularly seek to expore all of the senses and use cmprehensive sound effects to ensure the experiences in our sessions are more real.
The following questions are useful to give you some idea of what you are able best to experience:

Think of a place where you would feel relaxed and safe? …. (this could even be brought to mind from a holiday brochure or garden magazine).

What can you see there? - Try to think about everything you can see, in all directions.

In what way would you be relaxing? (sitting, lying, walking, etc).

Would there be anyone around? (make sure that the presence of any particular person would not reduce the feelings of relaxation).

Would you hear anything? (e.g. people talking in the distance, traffic, the sea, birds, etc).

Would you smell any aromas? (e.g. smell of the sea, of lavender etc).

Would there be any sensations you can tell me about? (e.g. gentle breeze across your face, warmth from the sunshine, grass under your feet etc).

If you were able to reach out and touch something what would you feel? (e.g. sand under your fingers, cool damp grass, etc etc).

Is there anything else you can think of about how good it would feel to relax in this place?

I hope this will help add to your enjoyment in our sessions.

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