How effective is hypnosis to stop smoking?

Smoking is considered quite correctly to be a dreadful activity, but giving up smoking can be difficult. What's a good way to give up, especially if you've been smoking for years?

It's difficult to accept that the damage from smoking can't be undone, (especially if you're a long-term smoker), but it's important to realise that if you stop smoking NOW, then new damage caused by continued smoking also stops now.

For meany people, realising the harm which comes from smoking is a big factor which kicks of s desire to quit. For others it is the second-hand effects on family (especially children). For others it is what I think of as 'self-blackmail' along the lines of 'what will my young family do if I die from lung cancer?'

You may believe that giving up is too difficult for you. Surely those TV adverts showing dying people must mean it's almost impossible (if they have to use such shocking adverts) to give up, right? Well, it's not true, and in many ways, the dreadful adverts, whilst well-meaning, in many ways have reinforced the idea that it's very difficult to stop.

So, how can you stop smoking? First thing to say is that if you don't really want to stop but are only here because a loved one has been pressing you to stop, and you need proof that you 'really tried,' then you need to re-think things. Perhaps better to come back when you realloy want to stop yourself.

Stop smoking hypnosis is one of the most effective methods of supporting a decision and dsire to stop smoking. There is a link on the download page to a University study which looked at different methods, and hypnosois proved to be of most use.

Hypnosis to stop smoking is an inexpensive way to augment your actions to stop smoking. Whilst it's of course sensible to realise that (generally), you can't use a single download once and expect it to happen by Magic. It's a question of reinforcing your actions on a regular basis. A very big advantage of hypnosis downloads is the extremely low cost, compared to sessions face-to-face.

I tend to suggest that when you decide to stop:

1. Discuss your plans with your family and friends and enlist their help (especially if any of them smoke). If possible stop together with a friend or family member.
2. Speak to your GP surgery to find out what help is available from the NHS. There is no reason why hypnosis cannot be used in combination with other methods (e.g. nicotine patches).
3. List your reasons for stopping in detail.
4. Set you stop date.
5. Have a complete clear out of all you smoking stuff.
6. Have a spring clean at home to wash away all the stale tobacco odour you are most likely no aware of.
7. Use the hypnosis download and any other methods or actions you have decided on
8. Then stop.

Lastly, don't give up. If you make a mistake one day and have a cigarette, for examp0le with friends, don't wake up the next day and see a smoker if your bathroom mirror. Instead, see someone who was a bit of an idiot last night, but who is back on track today. Probably worth have a clear and clean out as per the list above as well!
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