Future rehearsal

Again this is quite easy to achieve in practice by, for example, inviting the person to ‘go forward in time’ to reach a certain point in the future, where perhaps their will be some new insight, or some goal or objective has been reached (‘ … just going forward in time to the point where the plane has landed and you have collected your luggage’).

Once this has been achieved and the future event is being experienced the person may be asked to say what they did to get to that point - or to look in a mirror and say what they see - assuming this is positive (‘I see myself smiling and confident with a full set of beautiful teeth’) they might be asked to ‘go into the mirror and become that person’ to see what this feels like. Procedures of this sort are used to enhance motivation for change, to create vivid goal images etc. Alternatively future rehearsal may be employed to enable an individual to have the experience of coping positively with some upcoming event that they are anxious about.
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