Relaxation hypnosis


During this session in the Landscape, we’ll be looking at complete relaxation, and at how deep relaxation can bring you to a state of rest and rejuvenation.

We’ll also be looking at a method of developing ongoing constant subconscious relaxation using breathing.

We’ll also look at some additional techniques for use when relaxation is needed in times of difficulty or stress (though please note there is a specific recording dealing with stress management if you are thinking of this problem in partilular).

During the session we’ll be starting at the stone steps, whilst enjoying views of the waterfall to our right. This is followed by a walk through the ancient wood, alongside the lake, on the way to our destination, which is the temple on the clearing.

During our session, you’ll experience full stereo sound effects recorded in digital CD quality, including the sounds of the waterfall, the lake, of summer, and of the temple.

Whilst we are preparing and recording our new series of 3-session treatment modules, we have decided to release the most popular of our original single session recordings free! Please feel free to download any of our recordings, and we hope you will return to explore our new products.

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