Hypnosis for stress


Stress can be an entirely normal reaction, but can become abnormal if our response to it becomes abnormal and prevents us from functioning normally. If this happens we need help.

Stress can be more comprehensively described as a negative emotional state in response to events that are perceived as exceeding the person’s ability to cope. High expectations of coping and adequate resources may result in little stress whilst low expectations of coping and inadequate resources may result in high levels of stress.

It is important to recognize that a certain amount of stress is a normal part of life and not necessarily harmful.

This session looks at ways to decrease our response to stress, and ways we can manage daily stresses so as to dilute them as an ongoing tool. It also looks at ways to manage stressful situation at the time they are happening.

During this session in the Landscape, we start off by walking alongside the lake near the wildflower meadows. We’ll be enjoying the sights and sounds summer, and we’ll carry on past the summer house on the right, making our way to down to the sunny beach, which is very attractive at the height of summer.


You’ll experience full stereo sound effects recorded in digital CD quality, including ambient sounds, the sounds of summer by the lake, birdsong, and the sounds of the beach and the sea.

Whilst we are preparing and recording our new series of 3-session treatment modules, we have decided to release the most popular of our original single session recordings free! Please feel free to download any of our recordings, and we hope you will return to explore our new products.

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