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Please accept my apologies.

We are currently undertaking a full update of our website (September 2016).

We will complete the basic update in the next 2 weeks. Many thanks.

Here at Medical Hypnosis, you’ll find the very best digitally recorded (CD quality) hypnosis downloads, produced using scripts developed at University College London, combined with the finest digital sound effects for full atmospheric and ambient sound.

You will also enjoy the experience of the ‘Integrated Landscape in Hypnosis’ which will enable you to enjoy a consistent and flowing experience from one session of hypnosis to the next, and from one recording to another. Enjoy the wonderful sounds of gentle waves lapping at the lake’s shore in Summer, waves on deserted beach, the rustling of leaves in a forest. You can even listen to in-flight announcements on our ‘Fear of Flying’ session!

Startlingly realistic sound effects, combined with high quality professional hypnosis sessions result in wonderfully enjoyable and effective sessions. Here are just some of our most popular recordings. Click on any of the buttons below to hear samples. To listen to samples of all our recordings, please visit the individual sections via the menu on the left. If your connection is slow, there may be a short delay before the sample starts. You will also see that we offer ‘3 for 2’ on our recordings. – Buy any two recordings today, and choose a third completely free!